Log Into Hearthstone During BlizzCon For Two Golden Cards

BlizzCon is the largest gaming event for Blizzard, and Hearthstone players that log in on November 2nd get two Golden Cards and a card pack for free.


Blizzard’s simple yet incredibly addictive CCG, Hearthstone, has been quite a successful experiment so far. The game amassed quite an impressive amount of fans, got a lot of content over time, and is continuing to improve. Hearthstone does have its fair share of issues, don’t get us wrong, but they don’t interfere with the gameplay experience too much.

Now, one of the few problems with the game is the constant flow of new cards. You can’t trade with other players, but you can craft cards yourselves. This can sometimes be a problem if a deck you want to play is expensive and you’re a new player. But, we have some good news for you. Blizzard is going to reward you if you log into the game during BlizzCon. You’re going to get two Golden Cards on November 2nd, and a Card Pack when you log in on November 3rd.


The cards, as you see, are Star Aligner and Secret Plan. Definitely not cards that you’re going to use in a Constructed deck, so turn these Golden bad boys into Dust. More dust is always welcome. Also, don’t miss the Boomsday Project card pack on November 3rd. Those could contain a Legendary card. Who doesn’t want a Legendary card?


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