LoL Finally Fixing Its Horrible Client

After 10 long years, Riot Games finally decided that it’s prime time to fix LoL and its buggy game client.

LoL client
Image credit: Riot Games

What’s the worst thing in LoL beside the awfully toxic playerbase? The God awful client that crashes every second game. That’s not even over-exaggeration, I actually had a “bug splat” happen to me every second match I played in the past. And this client has been existing for ten years now without ANY kind of remediation. Which is pretty outrages, but that thankfully changes now. Riot has FINALLY decided to fix up the LoL client.

What is their plan? Over the next six months, the client is going to receive a lot of changes and improvements that will hopefully deal with all the “bug splats” that happen in the middle of my Ranked Matches. Two targets will show their progress: Client bootstrap time and champ select lock-in time. Bugs, crashes, and things like that are all going to be monitored. Make the client boot up quicker, and make the champion select lock-in time better. Solid goals, so let’s see if Riot actually manages to fix LoL and its infamously bad client.

LoL client
Image credit: Riot Games

What do you think? Can Riot fix a game client that caused immeasurable amounts of anger with its bugs and crashes over the last ten years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Urghhhh says

    Unfortunately the client is still trash

    1. Dante says

      Riot hates us all and they just don’t fucking care lmao

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