LoL: Kayle And Morgana Are Getting Reworked In 2019

Kayle and Morgana are sisters in LoL, one is a support and the other is a champion that no one plays, and both are getting reworked in 2019.


It seems like 2019 is going to be a great year for LoL players. Riot is going to do more work with URF, it seems we’re getting Marvel comics in the LoL universe, we got some previews of next Versus event, some skin lines will return, a new support champion is coming, and most importantly, Kayle and Morgana are getting a rework.

Why is this the most exciting feature? Well, if you’re a LoL player, you would know that Morgana is only a champion because of her Black Shield. Kayle is never seen in any type of game mode. We don’t remember when was the last time that we saw her picked in a Normal game, let alone a Ranked game. Riot didn’t exactly give us a timeline that shows when any of this is coming, but we hope it’s soon. Both champions could use a rework as their kits are incredibly boring and unappealing.


It seems another support champion is on the way as well. Everyone loved Pyke, even though no one can really say if he’s a real support character or not, but we hope Riot comes out with more unique supports like that.

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