Lord Of The Rings: Gollum Game Announced

Believe it or not, there are actually quite few video games based on the esteemed book series The Lord of the Rings and their movie counterparts. There were ones based on the movies proper, and an MMORPG that has had some ups and downs and such. But the true standout titles were a strategy game not connected to the movies and only loosely to the books, and of course, the Shadow of Mordor series. Now, a new game has been announced…Lord Of The Rings: Gollum.

Yeah, that Gollum, and it’s going to be set before his time in the LOTR trilogy, but after his time in The Hobbit.

“We’ll tell his story until he first shows up,” Daedalic Entertainment co-founder Cartsen Fichtelman said to GamesBeat, referring to Gollum’s appearance in The Fellowship of the Ring. “Sometimes they mention some things that happen to Gollum, but nobody knows exactly what happened. That’s our task, explaining what exactly happened there.”


This may not sound too interesting of a game, especially when you compare it to the brutal action of the titles Shadow of Mordor and its sequel. But the stealth-like aspects could prove interesting. And as it’s a story-based title, the team are working hard to add new layers to the fan-favorite character:

“I think when you see [the video game version of] Gollum for the first time, I think you will say ‘yep, that’s Gollum. Maybe you also could say, ‘this is not the Gollum we know from the Warner movies. It’s going to be a different interpretation of the character and the world, so even if it is Andy Serkis, it wouldn’t be the character from the movies. It would be him giving a different take. That’s why it’s not necessarily him. It could be someone else giving his or her interpretation.”

No release date given for Lord Of The Rings: Gollum at this time.

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