Lost Ember Is All About Animals Exploration

The Lost Ember adventure game is about animals that explore a gorgeous world where humankind no longer exists.

Wolf from Lost Ember
Image caption: Mooneye Studios

Different animals offer different experiences

Do you wanna play as a wolf? But at the same time play as many other kinds of animals? All of which have the ability to explore a unique environment? Well, that’s what this title is all about. Lost Ember is an animal adventure game set in a fantastical world full of cute creatures. Thankfully, there are no humans in sight. Through exploration, players find out how the fall of mankind occurred. I’m just glad it did since nature took over and everything now looks luscious and absolutely mesmerizing.

Bird from Lost Ember
Image caption: Mooneye Studios

Everything in Lost Ember is gorgeous

Traverse the land, swim through the sea, and soar through the sky. Any creature you find can be possessed. That makes each animal have their own perspective of things. Be a parrot and dart through a giant canyon. Or be a cute wombat and just play in the grass. Of course, the aquatic regions aren’t neglected, as the player can also become a fish. Many distinct environments are available in the game, and all are masterfully created and are full of enchanting and vibrant colors.

But, it’s a short indie game with a lot of bugs

Just keep in mind that Lost Ember is, in most aspects, a walking simulator. Besides marveling at all the pretty environments, there’s not much to do. It’s a short experience, even though it’s a sweet one. Players in the User Reviews on Steam section did report a lot of game-breaking bugs. This is an indie game after all, so it isn’t as polished as some double or triple-A titles. Still, Lost Ember has a lot of charm and beauty for you to relish in.

Wolf and insects from Lost Ember
Image caption: Mooneye Studios

The Lost Ember adventure game is a diamond in the rough, but if this is the kind of game you like, I have a recommendation. Pick up an Ori and the Blind Forest PC game key on HRK Game for a discounted price. That’s another absolutely magically stunning adventure game, but it’s 2D.

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