Magic: Legends Is Shutting Down Without Even Leaving Open Beta

Magic: Legends met an unfortunate fate as news come that the game’s shutting down permanently without ever leaving open beta.

Magic: Legends shutting down
Image credit: Perfect World Entertainment

Magic: Legends had an interesting idea. An action RPG where you have a deck of cards that act as abilities. The cards you draw are the spells you can cast. They then change once you use them and draw other cards.

On paper, this is a really interesting idea. However, the execution was horrible. Add in the fact the combat was horribly lackluster, there was a ton of bugs, and of course, the game was stuffed to the brim with microtransactions.

Not the best mix, and while Magic: Legends is still in Open Beta, the game’s shutting down. A short-lived release but considering the weak start and horrible presentation, it’s not that surprising. It’s a shame the studio didn’t give it a bit more time and effort as the game had some truly interesting and fresh ideas for an action RPG.

Magic: Legends shuts down on October 31st, 2021 at 11:59 PM, Pacific Time. Players get 100% refunds for all their purchases. At this moment, the team said there are no plans to revive the game at a later date.

Magic: Legends shutting down
Image credit: Perfect World Entertainment

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