Marvel Snap Is Ben Brode’s Newest Game

Marvel Snap is the newest game from former Blizzard superstar, Ben Brode, as he brings us his newest take on the card battler genre.

Marvel Snap game
Image credit: Second Dinner

It’s been quite a long time since Ben Brode left Blizzard. But the man loves card games to death, so it’s no surprise that his latest game is another card game. His time spent at Second Dinner wasn’t wasted one second, as his newest game is already here.

So, what is this Marvel Snap card game we’re been hearing about these last couple of days? A brand new card game that wants to provide maximum enjoyment to both hardcore fans of the genre and people that are completely new to card games.

Marvel Snap will feature over 150 cards at launch, and all will have multiple variations available. The game is a true free2play card game. This means you can unlock everything by playing the game. That usually means grinding like a madman, but hey it’s possible. And even though Marvel Snap is a mobile game first and foremost, an early access version for the PC is also planned. You can sign up for the Marvel Snap first closed beta right now if you’re using an Android phone.

Marvel Snap game
Image credit: Second Dinner

Those that are still enjoying Hearthstone, you can get some booster packs over at HRK Game for an insanely low price.

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