Marvel’s Avengers Won’t Dox Streamers Anymore

Marvel’s Avengers had one of the strangest problems yesterday where a dox bug revealed the IP address of PS5 streamers.

Marvel's Avengers dox
Image credit: Crystal Dynamics

Do you know what doxxing is? It’s when you reveal someone’s private information online. Doesn’t matter if it’s their name and surname, physical address, or IP address. Whatever sensitive and private personal information works.

So you know I don’t usually cover console-exclusive issues. But Marvel’s Avengers players revealed a dox bug yesterday. Yup, it sounds absolutely insane. How can a bug dox you and reveal your information? No idea, but some PS5 streamers reported just that. The game shows the streamer’s IP address right there on the screen for everyone on the stream to see.

Crystal Dynamics needed 24 hours to fix this glaring issue. PS5 streamers had to “avoid” streaming the game in the meantime. You know, so Marvel’s Avengers couldn’t dox them to their viewers. It may be just me but I’ve never seen something so bizarre in my 24 years as a gamer.

What do you say, is this the worst bug you’ve ever seen in your life? Or is there something even worse and more baffling than this? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Marvel's Avengers dox
Image credit: Crystal Dynamics

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