Metro Devs Are Hiring People to Work On a New IP

4A Games, the developers behind the popular Metro franchise, are hiring people to work on their new game which will be a new IP.

4A Games new game
Metro Exodus
Image credit: 4A Games

The Metro franchise is a rare gem in today’s industry. A single-player survival shooter with horror elements and masterful storytelling. And let’s not forget the first two game’s otherworldly atmosphere that brings the claustrophobia from the game and injects it into your very soul. Metro Exodus, the latest entry, was a lot more open but it still featured some of those narrow space environments.

But, 4A Games are working on a new game that’s coming from a brand new IP. PSU reported the job listings which are as follows:

  • Senior Game Designer
  • Technical Designer
  • Lead Game Systems Designer
  • Senior Technical Artist
  • Environment Concept Artist
  • Creatures Concept Artist

However, it seems that 4A Games aren’t moving away from what they’re good at. Some of the job listings require experience with shooters and stealth games. But at least we’re getting some new vision from these guys.

Are you excited to see something brand new from the creators of Metro? When will we even get an official announcement? Let me know what you think in the comments section down below!

4A Games new game
Metro Exodus
Image credit: 4A Games

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