Metro Exodus Appears On Microsoft Store

Seems like another digital distribution platform got access to Metro Exodus before Steam, and its the Microsoft Store.

One of the biggest outrages concerning the Epic Store exclusivity thing happened once we found out that Metro Exodus would first arrive there, and not on Steam. Even though you could pre-order the title on Steam, one day we found out that Epic Store signed an exclusivity deal with the publisher. You still have to wait until February 2020 to get the game there. But, it seems like it’s going to be available on the Microsoft Store sooner than that. The release date there is June 9th, which is quite surprising actually.

This can’t be a mistake, since the Microsoft Store for the game is still up, and nothing has been changed regarding the information on there. While we’re happy that this atmospheric post-apocalyptic shooter is coming to a store other than the Epic Games one, it doesn’t add up. Why does the Microsoft Store get it before Steam does?

The release date is close to the Microsoft E3 presentation, so maybe this will be one of the titles that they feature with some new announcements. We already know that their Xbox Game Pass is making its way to the PC platform, and perhaps Metro Exodus is going to be connected to that.

Whatever the case may be, anyone that didn’t want to support the anti-consumer practice of Epic Games and avoided buying the title there will be able to buy it on the Microsoft Store. Those that want to purchase it on Steam have to wait for quite a while.

What do you think, is this fair to Steam users? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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