Metro Exodus Gets Support From Its Publisher

Releasing a video game is a hard thing. Very hard even. It takes a lot of work, a lot of dedication, and the marketing push to make sure that people know that it’s coming. But, it’s hard to find the right release date for it, because sometimes you have to put the release in a window where a lot of other games are coming out, and that can drastically affect your sales. And that is the situation that Metro Exodus finds itself in…not that the team at Deep Silver minds…

Indeed, February is going to be a very busy month for gaming, and Metro Exodus is but one of many titles trying to make their impact within the month. The head of global brand management at Deep Silver, Huw Beynon, noted that he isn’t worried about it to GamesIndustry International:

“I don’t really hold much truck with those labels. What we’re offering with this game is a really content-packed, story-driven experience. For me, the natural audience for this game are people who have enjoyed things like Horizon: Zero Dawn, or something like a Witcher– grown-up, mature, serious single-player, story-driven experience. There’s been a real renaissance of those recently.


The other reason that Deep Silver seems to be confident that Exodus will do well is that one of the recent Metro remasters did very well:

“The Metro Redux remaster has performed phenomenally well for us and continues to do so long after release- in fact, since the announce of Exodus, it’s brought literally millions of people into the franchise. So we feel really happy that not only do we have a significant audience and a fanbase who are looking forward to this, but also things like the Microsoft reveal for us and the weight of campaign that Deep Silver is throwing behind it. The previous games didn’t enjoy that, so I’m confident about our release window.”

We’ll find out how well they do on February 15th.

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