Metro Exodus Selling Amazingly On Steam

To no one’s surprise, the apocalyptic open-world survival shooter Metro Exodus is selling amazingly well on Steam.

Metro Exodus selling Steam
Image credit: 4A Games

Oh look, a highly anticipated triple-A shooter is doing amazingly well in sales even though it was an Epic Games Store exclusive for a year. Who saw this coming? I think all of us did. I mean the third Metro game doesn’t have just creepy and claustrophobic enclosed areas. It has open areas that also make you feel uneasy, be it due to savage bandits, giant mutated fish, or some other monstrosity that inhabits the terrifying post-apocalyptic world of Metro Exodus. An earnings call says that Metro Exodus is selling extraordinarily well, as over 200,000 copies have already been sold, as reported by PC Gamer.

A title that was as anticipated as this one will always do well. Timed exclusive or not, you want to play a really good survival shooter. With humane characters, a gritty story, and really freaking immersive gameplay all packed into one experience. Why would you skip on that? Because you hate Epic Games and the publisher of Metro Exodus for limiting the game for a whole year to only the Epic Games Store? Fair enough, but now it’s on Steam. No reason to not buy it now, am I right?

Metro Exodus selling Steam
Image credit: 4A Games

I think now’s the time to give this baby a try. Anyone that hasn’t played Metro Exodus yet needs to correct that immediately. Pick up any edition you want to on HRK Game for an amazing price!

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