Metro Exodus Will Have Multiple Endings

The Metro series has been more of a cult-classic series than anything else. Telling of a dark world set in Russia and the things that people have to do and overcome just to survive. It’s gameplay and graphics have always been tight, but it’s never been able to break that seal that made it a more mainstream game. But, many think that Metro Exodus will do just that, as it’s billed as the biggest game of the series so far, and that comes with many special things.

For example, according to Deep Silver’s Huw Benyon, Metro Exodus is going to have players making choices that truly impact the game in a large-scale sense:

“It is really important that the way that system works is that those choices aren’t telegraphed up front,” said Beynon in a recent interview with PlayStation Universe. “There is no prompt that says press this button to do the good thing, press this button to do the bad thing. Honestly, we don’t call it a morality system because it is not just black and white. I think it is a lot more nuanced than that. It is very subtle in the game and that’s important as we don’t want people to try and game it.”

However, if you’re hoping to find the “right ending” or the “wrong ending”, you’re out of luck, for no such endings exist here:

“You play the game the way you want to play,” Beynon added. “You can be whatever character you want to be. You can react to the world however you like. But, ultimately, there will be consequences for the choices you make. There is no right ending and there is no wrong ending. As our creative director says, ‘You will get the ending that you deserve.’”

What ending do YOU deserve? You’ll find out on February 15th.

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