MH: W Is Japan’s Biggest Steam Launch

We already know that players like hard games, and it seems like Monster Hunter: World is already a hit. We all knew that the game would blow up on the PC, but this was unexpected.


The PC version of Monster Hunter: World does have some problems, especially when it comes to optimization. But, when it comes to the game itself, it is an amazing experience, and one of the better games that came from Japan in recent memory. It is one of those titles where each of these big monsters that you hunt is essentially a boss. All of these dangerous creatures feel distinct and powerful in their own way, and your hunt will never be boring.



Thanks to a PCGamer article we found out that MH: W had the most successful launch of any Japanese game. A couple of hours after the game was released it already surpassed each other previous title that had a solid launch and that was from Japan. For example, in March 2016 Dark Souls 3 set a record with its 129, 831 concurrent players. Monster Hunter: World had 239,779 peak players today with the average number of active players being somewhere around 200 thousand.


You also have to consider that this game launched on the consoles over half a year ago. But, it seems like a lot of PC players waited for this game to arrive on the Windows platform. Was the wait worth it? Probably, even though there are some things that could hinder your MH: W experience on the PC.

Still, the Japanese developers proved themselves and they seem to know what the rest of the world wants from their games.


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