Minecraft Is A Big Hit On Nintendo Switch, Here’s Why

There are many reasons why a video game can be quite successful, and one of the biggest things is that it’s a great game to play, and thus people get it. But, for a game like Minecraft, they didn’t just rely on its special gameplay and world full of freedom and opportunity. Instead, they made sure that the game was on every single platform in the world that they could put it on, including the newest console on the market, the Nintendo Switch.

Not surprisingly, the game has been very popular on the platform. And during an interview with Famitsu, the team talked about why it worked so well on the system:

As for Minecraft being a hit on the Switch… This might seem obvious, but the hardware’s design and the game’s playstyle were a perfect match for each other! You can play while lying down in your bedroom or living room, or even when you actually go and meet up with friends. About a half a year ago you’d see children in restaurants around the UK playing Minecraft on their tablets – now they’re playing on their Nintendo Switches! So, it seems that Minecraft isn’t just popular in Japan, but the UK too. Cross-platform play was what realized that boost in popularity; we figured, “if we’re going to have cross-platform play, it should be on the Switch, too.”

And just like with other versions of the game, they wanted to make sure that the Switch had content perfect for it.

 Each platform has its own strengths, so we wanted to put out content that would reflect that, and we were able to get a lot of feedback accordingly. In the previous version, that was the “Super Mario Mashup Pack.” It was pretty revolutionary that the Super Mario team consented to that! It was incredibly popular with players, too, so we’d like to keep doing things like that in the future.

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