Minecraft Is Getting Pandas And Semi-Official Mod Support

Minecraft is still a popular game. Extraordinarily popular some would say, and it still regularly receives updates. Today we will talk about the new Village and Pillage update and what it brings.


Minecraft: Dungeons was definitely the highlight of MineCon 2018, and we talked about it. But, there are probably people out there that just care about Minecraft. Don’t worry, we got you covered as well. If you missed out on MineCon 2018 and have no idea what was announced there, you didn’t miss anything spectacular.

The Village and Pillage update was announced. It’s bringing all kinds of new villagers to the game, which isn’t that exciting. But, the pillagers do sound like something exciting. They and their beasts will attack and as their name suggests, pillage villages. They come equipped with a new weapon, the crossbow. But, Minecraft players will be able to craft these bad boys themselves.


What did you say? They are also adding PANDAS to the game? That’s just lovely. Who doesn’t want to have animals as cute as pandas in their game? When are the pandas coming to the game? We don’t know, but the Village and Pillage update is coming early next year.

Now, the most important piece of news is connected to Add-ons and Scripting API. Various new Add-ons are coming to the game, and Scripting API is as well, which is pretty close to official modding support. This is great news, as Mojang never officially supported modding until now.



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