Minecraft Is Hosting A Cat Competition

Minecraft is hosting a cat competition, and if you introduce a cool-looking cat, it will be brought into the game.


Minecraft does have quite a lot of animals. But, it doesn’t have the animal of YOUR choosing in it, and in this case, it could be a cat. Cat competitions are common in the world today, as everyone loves cats. But, this one is special, as one lucky get will forever be a part of one of the most popular building games to ever be created. Wouldn’t you want your cat to be a part of Minecraft forever?


Minecraft’s “Cat Contest” is pretty straightforward. All you have to do in order to enter the competition is to take a picture of your cat. Or a video. It also doesn’t have to be your cat, just one you might think is going to win. Once you find the cat you want, you just have to share the picture or video on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the #Minecraftcatcontest hashtag. The deadline for this competition is November 12th, so you have plenty of time to scour the world for the cutest cat you can find.

After November 12th, a specialized team will look at the entries and select three finalists. After that, it is up to the community to pick the winner on November 16th. The chosen feline will then be added to Minecraft with the Village and Pillage update. You can check out the rules of the competition on their official site.


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