Mixer Giving $100 To Streamers To Help During These Difficult Times

Mixer decided to help out its community during these difficult times by giving away $100 to everyone who is an active partner.

Mixer $100 partner
Image credit: Mixer

Mixer gained the most amount of attention when Ninja agreed to exclusively stream on their platform, abandoning Twitch in the process. Otherwise, you don’t hear much about Mixer. It seems that this streaming platform isn’t a part of the spotlight for the most part. That changes now. As we all know, the world is battling a serious epidemic. The coronavirus is causing havoc in every country, and some aren’t dealing with it all too well. People are losing their job, the economy is collapsing, it’s all-around a shitty situation.

Well, Mixer wants to help in this situation by giving away $100 to each active partner on the platform. And they’ve decided to do that silently. I only found out about it by reading this PC Gamer article. To some, this is a barely noticeable amount, but for some, it will be several warm meals. An awesome thing that should definitely be celebrated by all of us, as you won’t see many companies do things like this, especially in such critical situations. Well done Mixer, I’m sure this act of kindness won’t be forgotten by your partners anytime soon.

If you have any comments or thoughts on the subject, leave them in the comments section down below! Any of you that are looking to buy yourself some games to play during self-isolation, I direct you towards HRK Game, which offers a ton of cheap PC game key for all the latest titles!

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