Modern Warfare: Season One Bringing A Lot Of Free Content

Modern Warfare and its Season One are coming with the biggest free content drop that the Call of Duty franchise has ever seen.

All the content that's coming with Season One
Image credit: Activision

A great and unexpected move by Activision

Oh boy, Activision is out here making some pretty awesome moves. All Modern Warfare players are getting a lot of free content? Awesome! That was rather unexpected. The Roadmap for Season One was released yesterday, and it shows what we can expect. A plus is that all platforms are getting the content at roughly the same time.

New multiplayer maps

  • Crash (One of the classic maps from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
  • Vacant (Another one from Call of Duty 4)
  • Shipment (An extremely small and crazy Call of Duty 4 where the action doesn’t stop)

New Gunfight maps

  • Shipment
  • Port (Features huge shipping crates, buildings, and cranes)
  • Cargo (Take your fight through an open-roof storage vessel on the murky docks of London)
  • Atrium (Gun down enemies in the centerpieces of a gorgeous Verdansk palace)

A 2v2 battle royale-like game mode and a survival mode

There’s also the addition of an On Site Procurement Gunfight Mode. It’s a 2v2 mode where you have to gather equipment during the match. Sounds a lot like battle royale, doesn’t it? The Infected Multiplayer Mode is all about survival, and the name says it all.

New Special Ops Experiences

  • Bomb Squad (You’re tasked with defusing explosives in the city of Al-Raab)
  • Grounded (Barkov’s previous airbase needs to be freed from the hands of the enemy)
  • Pitch Black (A mission where you need to infiltrate an estate and gather up all the required intel)
  • Just Reward (Hack the data centers of an enemies’ financial operation and gather intel)

The upcoming battle pass system that’s coming also lets all players earn some cosmetic items and base weapons (the Ram-7 fully automatic bullpup and the Holger-26, an LMG spec of the Holger).

Soldier from Modern Warfare firing a gun
Image credit: Activision

Modern Warfare players, do you like Season One and all the free content that it’s bringing? Of course you are, and anyone that hasn’t tried the game, now’s your chance! Grab a Modern Warfare PC game key or Xbox One game key for awesome prices right now!

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