Monster Hunter Rise Gets A PC Release Date

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2021 but we also got a release date for the PC version that’s arriving on Steam!

Monster Hunter Rise PC release date
Image credit; Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is easy to pick up and play whenever

Better approachability, quality-of-life additions, and a more intimate story. Add more forgiving healing and all kinds of critters that provide lots of long-term bonuses. It looks like Monster Hunter Rise isn’t going to be brutally hard like some MH titles. Monster Hunter World, for example, was a fairly punishing title that rewarded a lot of tactical thinking, preparation, and skillful play.

Capcom Japan Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Capcom Japan Director Yasunori Ichinose had a talk with Fanbyte. They said a lot about Monster Hunter Rise, how it’s meant to take advantage of Switch and its capabilities, its more focused and personal story, and the PC launch.

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC in 2022

An unexpected development, especially if you consider that many Switch games never see the light of day on PC. But Monster Hunter World proved just how much PC players love this franchise. The title sold over 5.7 million units on PC outside of Japan.

So Monster Hunter Rise has a PC release date, but we’re gonna wait a bit for it. I mean it’s the same as it was with Monster Hunter World. The consoles get it first, and it’s the same thing again. But then again, patience is a virtue, isn’t it?

Monster Hunter Rise PC release date
Image credit; Capcom

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