Monster Hunter Rise PC Review – The Best Monster Hunter Game For New Players

Welcome to the Monster Hunter Rise PC review, where we take a look at a condensed Monster Hunter experience that may be the best entry in the franchise for both new and experienced players.

Before we get into the details, let’s start things off by answering some of the most common questions asked about Monster Hunter Rise on the PC.

What is Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth mainline addition to the Monster Hunter series. It’s an ARPG that features monster hunting, exploration, and crafting.

Who made Monster Hunter Rise?

CAPCOM Co., Ltd. developed and published Monster Hunter Rise.

When did Monster Hunter Rise come out?

Monster Hunter Rise was released worldwide in March 2021.

Is Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC?

The Monster Hunter Rise PC release occurred in January 2022.

How long is Monster Hunter Rise?

You can finish Monster Hunter Rise in 17-22 hours. However, if you wish to 100% the game, expect to spend around 120-130 hours.

How big is Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise requires 23 GBs on the PC.

How many monsters are in Monster Hunter Rise?

There are 71 monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

What do I get with the Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition?

When you buy the Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition you get:

  • Enamel pin
  • Stickers
  • Magnamalo Amiibo
  • Monster Hunter Deluxe Edition

What do I get with the Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition?

When you buy the Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Editon you get the following:

  • The base game
  • “Kamurai” Hunter layered armor set
  • “Shuriken Collar” Palamute layered armor piece
  • “Fish Collar” Palico Layered armor piece

How much does Monster Hunter Rise cost?

You can buy Monster Hunter Rise for 59,99€.

Where can I buy a cheap Monster Hunter Rise key?

You can buy a cheap Monster Hunter Rise on HRK Game.

Monster Hunter Rise PC review
Image credit: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

Monster Hunter Rise, a solid PC port

This is a Monster Hunter: Rise PC review, even though the game was originally a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The Monster Hunter: Rise PC port is, however, quite excellent. However, don’t expect to see the same level of visual fidelity here as you saw in Monster Hunter: World. Still, if you wish to buy Monster Hunter Rise on Steam but you’re having doubts, let this review convince you and keep reading.

The game has a lot to offer, but it’s not the same size and scope as World. Textures, visual effects, animations, sound effects, and more are of lesser quality. This makes sense since this game was initially only planned for Nintendo Switch, which isn’t nearly as powerful as any modern computer.
On the other hand, Monster Hunter: Rise being smaller in size and scope is what makes it better for some. Monster Hunter: World is a game with an insanely complex combat system. It takes an average player up to 10-15 hours to get a grip of all the different weapons and their playstyles—quite a task for someone that never encountered such a combat system.

Monster Hunter Rise PC review
Image credit: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

The best Monster Hunter game for beginners

Monster Hunter: Rise and its gameplay system avoid that hurdle with one of the Monster Hunter series’ best onboarding experiences. All while introducing brand new mechanics that improve the hunting experience even more. Palamute, your trusty dog, is a brilliant addition that significantly improves the game’s traversal system. The Palico is still there, of course, but players now have the option of wall-running and grappling that substantially improve your battle maneuverability. This increases the enjoyment of Monster Hunter Rise and its gameplay by a ton.
Rise is full of things like this, fun additions that improve all areas of the game. I sincerely hope the sequel to Monster Hunter: World has grappling and wall-running. Or a combination of those things would be even better!

Because Monster Hunter: Rise lets you do something I’ve been craving for a long time. I suspect all of you are very familiar with the Monster Hunter games. If so, you know how some fights get interrupted because the monster you’re fighting gets too wounded. And so they leave you in the dust and take off. All you could do was look at them running away, which was a horrible feeling. But not in Monster Hunter: Rise. Now you hop on your fierce dog mount and run after them. After all, you are a hunter, and now the prey can’t escape.

Monster Hunter Rise PC review
Image credit: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

No annoying busywork, just pure enjoyment and hunting

Rise has a quality that may not be obvious: it has removed a significant chunk of the busywork that games used to provide. You used to have to seek what the ‘important quests’ were for each hunter rank online, but now the game tells you. The weapon upgrade trees have been clarified. Every critical component has its mini-tutorial or guide mission. It throws out everything that was bothering you. I had a blast playing the game for this Monster Hunter Rise PC review. All because there was no annoying running around, just a lot of enjoyment.

As a result, you’ll spend most of your time in Monster Hunter: Rise hunting monsters rather than fumbling around in menus or figuring out what to do next, which is precisely why I like these games. You can fly through hunts with almost no downtime, which, paired with the game’s faster tempo, makes Rise feel much more pacey and engaging than previous titles. The sense of verticality in the places and how you zip about them quickly becomes second nature, and it truly feels like the pursuit begins immediately. You can find a lot of other people praising Monster Hunter Rise on Steam for just this thing.

Rise has some wild combat situations

Monster Hunter has always been harsh: if you underestimate its monsters, even the weediest will soon dispatch you. Rise follows the standard pattern of introducing you to little dinosaur-like animals like the Great Baggi or Great Wroggi before presenting the wilder, crazier stuff like Tigrex, stone-cold classics like Rathalos, and (usually) awe-inspiring encounters against the Elder Dragons.

Oddly enough, Monster Hunter: Rise doesn’t feature a lot of standard hunts you may be used to. Monster Hunter Rise features so many monsters introduced by other titles that the game now mixes and matches them all the time. Players can frequently see one monster fight another out in the wild. The game even lets us ride some of these monsters while fighting each other, but this is a short and sweet experience. So you better savor it as much as you can.

Monster Hunter Rise PC review
Image credit: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

The monsters look incredible, and the elder ones are more aggressive and startling than ever. This game is hilarious: I picked the gunlance because it’s one of the coolest weapon designs in the series, and the weapon has some old actions and a slew of new ones that make it feel utterly unique. Monster Hunter Rise has weapons of all kinds, and there’s more to offer the more you play it. You start unlocking exceptional skills that offer each weapon’s moveset a new angle of attack or a ten-tonne smash for when it’s needed (Gunlance’s main disadvantage was permanently restricted mobility, but in Rise this feels inconsequential when you’re doggo-sprinting, grappling, and force-blasting across the map).


Because of the immense variety of Rise’s bestiary and weapons, the game never stops offering fresh content for an extended period. There’s so much to do here, and it’s all more laid out and explained than before, with none of the little picky things that used to irritate players gone. Sure, this appears to be a Nintendo Switch game in origin. But who cares, because it’s difficult to deny that Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best games in the series. That is to say; it is as excellent as it gets.

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