Monster Hunter: World Having Problems In China

Monster Hunter: World was generally well received by most gamers. But, it seems like the game is having some issues in China.

Monster Hunter: World

This is strange to hear since Monster Hunter: World was one of the Japanese games that had a very successful launch. A lot of players also like the game and the gameplay, so what is the deal with China? We don’t exactly know what the problem is there, and why there are so many complaints, but it was enough to remove the game from Tencent’s WeGame platform. It is a drastic move indeed, especially since there was no official statement as to why that happened.

Monster Hunter: World

A Morningstar report said that the Chinese regulators received a lot of complaints. Why? Well, there was one analyst that said that the depiction of corpses in the game could be connected to these complaints. This is a game where you and your friends go into exotic lands and then you kill a lot of animals. That’s what Monster Hunter: World is all about, but it could be that it was more extreme than the Chinese players thought. How does that make sense, we don’t know, but it caused the game to get its operating license canceled.

In the report, it was said that Tencent received more than one million preorders. Now, it is said that the company is going to refund the game for Chinese customers, and that means that a lot of money is going to be lost.

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