Monster Hunter: World Update 5.1 Arrives Tomorrow

Update 5.1 is bringing a lot of small little changes, bug fixes, and features to Monster Hunter: World tomorrow.

Monster Hunter: World

Everyone wants to be a monster hunter that takes on incredibly savage and deadly beasts. Monster Hunter: World is a game that lets you do just that. Find out information about the creature you’re hunting. See what weakness it has, and once you’re fully prepared, start your hunt. You’re probably going to die a few times regardless, as you also have to figure out how a monster moves and what it’s behavior patterns are.

It’s an excellent game, especially if you play it with a couple of friends. Now, one thing that countless players wanted on the PC was ultra-wide (21-9) support. This probably isn’t a hard thing to implement, and why they waited for so long boggles our mind, but ultra-wide support is coming tomorrow, on January 22th.

Monster Hunter: World

It seems like Monster Hunter: World is getting all the love and attention that it deserves. Ultra-wide support is finally on its way, Vignette Effects can now be adjusted to High/Normal/Off, support for Simplified Chinese is also coming with the update, and they are also adding a Push-to-Talk voice chat option so that you can communicate better with other players.

This year is looking incredible for the game. Geralt will soon be joining Monster Hunter: World with his own unique quest, and there’s also the Iceborn expansion. 2019 will be an amazing year for hunting monsters!

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