More Diablo Leaks Reveal Lilith

If all of these rumors are true, Blizzard has a lot in store for us, and Diablo 4 might even have Lilith in it.

Image source: WeakAuras’ Twitter

I already talked about the rumors surrounding Diablo IV. Now, there’s even more evidence that supports the talks that Blizzard is about to announce the next project in their immensely popular ARPG franchise. The last “leak” was an ad that appeared for a Diablo artbook. That book had art from all the 4 Diablo games. Weird right, considering that there are only three at the present time. This could mean that a fourth one is coming, and this new leak from the very same artbook confirms that even more.

User WeakAuras has been retweeting a lot of these “leaks” concerning Blizzard games. But, this one is connected to the artbook, and it looks quite real. It contains the design of Lilith, the Mother of Sanctuary. Honestly, Lilith’s design is quite outstanding. Terrifying, gothic, and incredibly menacing. Quite fitting, considering that she is quite a powerful and potent demon. BlizzCon is coming, and maybe Blizzard is busy preparing to reveal all of these new titles. Who knows, but it’s definitely unusual that all of these various “leaks” started appearing. Not just for Diablo, as there are also things that talk about a new WoW expansion, some new Overwatch title, and so on.

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