Mortal Kombat 11 Director Wants A Marvel Vs DC Fighting Game

You would think that with the game releasing later this month that all the thought processes of the team behind Mortal Kombat 11 are focused on getting the game done. Polished. Refined. And then starting to work on DLC (like Shang Tsung among others). But nope! Director Ed Boon is already thinking about what could be next, and according to an interview he did with Game Informer, he wants to do something really big. A true fanboy game.

He wants to make a DC Comics vs. Marvel fighting game.

This notion came up when Boon was asked about whether Marvel had contacted them about making a fighting game for their roster and whether he’d be interested in doing that:

“Oh God yes,” Boon said. “We would love to make like a Marvel fighting game, or ‘Marvel vs. DC’ I think would be the coolest.”

Injustice 2 Killer Croc Mortal Kombat 11

Now to be clear, that is not a proclamation that this is really happening. Just the opposite, it’s a desire from a man who has already gotten to do some really cool things in terms of fighting games. The Injustice series is considered one of the best new fighting game series in recent memory, which NetherRealm Studios did. So to do a Marvel game of a similar type is logical.

To do a Marvel vs DC fighting game though? That’d be another thing entirely. That would require permission from both sides to make it happen, and a whole bunch of other concessions.

Once upon a time, Marvel and DC did come together in a comic book series to “duke it out” and see who would win in some big matchups, and then it ended up with their universes getting fused and the “Amalgam” universe being born for a while before being separated again. But though the intent was to show that each universe is special, the fanboy wars rage on. Especially in light of the movie and TV universes that the two have.

Still, if it was to be done, the Mortal Kombat 11 team would make it epic.

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