Multiple Diablo Projects Are Being Worked On

We just found out that Blizzard has multiple ideas for its Diablo franchise. A lot of people want to see Diablo 4, but we have to wait for BlizzCon to see what’s coming.


Some of us want to see a remaster of Diablo II, some of us want Diablo 4. Which will it be? Maybe both, as Blizzard made a Tweet that said that the company has been working on multiple Diablo projects. There has even been speculation about a Diablo MMORPG, which would definitely be an interesting project. But, would they really want to give a competition to their own game, World of Warcraft, that’s still going strong?


Everyone is sure of one thing, we will get more information about these Diablo projects when BlizzCon arrives, but that isn’t coming soon. So, right now, players are mostly just speculating. Diablo III is still alive, so would an expansion be something that Blizzard could be working on? Perhaps, that wouldn’t be that surprising, as their latest action RPG feels quite solid with the Reaper of Souls expansion.

Blizzard has a lot of games and franchises that are working out for them, but the Diablo franchise has a cult following. The time would be ripe for a Diablo III sequel, or perhaps a Diablo II remake, but we will take what we can get. The Diablo fanbase is ready for anything.

  1. Theo says

    Ok, I’ll bite. First of all, you are mistaken on one part: World of Warcraft is not even remotely close to go strong anymore. Simply put, WoW is dying. You can see the signs already:

    1 – accepting to release ‘classic WoW’ – this means the income is severely lower compared to previous years;

    2 – the destruction of battlegroups (now everyone can play with anyone, no matter his server) – this means the average quantity of players online is so low that either they concatenated all servers together, or some servers were so low populated that they couldnt ever find a mere arena or battleground game.

    No matter how you look at these 2 points, there can be only one answer:Blizzard knows already that World of Warcraft is dying, or at least show it’s age. A completely new Diablo MMO project makes sense, so Blizzard can reach to millions of players (old wowers and new ones alike + virtually all Diablo community and fans.

    My 2 cents, it’s gonna be a Diablo MMO, hands down.

    1. Dante says

      I thought the same thing, but for now we only got Diablo for the Switch 🙁

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