Mutant Year Zero Is Getting An Expansion

Mutant Year Zero keeps on impressing us with its crazy mutants, with the latest expansion bringing a fire-breathing moose.

Mutant Year Zero has a lot of things going for it. XCOM inspired combat, absolutely hilarious characters and character interactions, a solid progression system, and an intriguing world full of mystery. Seems like the Seed of Evil expansion is bringing us more of the same. In this case, that’s exactly what the game needs. Expanding its universe, characters, and exploring more insane storylines. Seems like the Zone faces a new kind of threat, and you’re the one that needs to confront it.

We’ll also get some help to deal with this new threat. His name is Big Khan, a crazy strong moose that is, as you guessed it, a mutant. What are his abilities you may ask? What could possibly a moose mutant even do? Well, he can breathe fire. Of course, he can, what else did you even expect? This ability will be very useful when dealing with the plant that is abducting both enemies and allies. Then it creates copies of them by using plant tissue. It sounds as crazy as the rest of the base game, so this expansion is bringing everything we asked for.

Mutant Year Zero is getting the Seed of Evil expansion on July 30, so you won’t have to wait for much more to get even more exciting mutant action!

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