Netflix Witcher Season 2 Will Fix Nilfgaardian Armor

We now have official confirmation that Netflix Witcher and its upcoming Season 2 are going to fix the hilarious look of Nilfgaardian armor.

Netflix Witcher Season 2 Nilfgaardian armor
Image credit: Netflix

Is it strange that the biggest issue people had with Netflix’s Witcher turned out to be the appalling Nilfgaardian armor? That, and the confusing pacing of the story. But mostly that wrinkly armor which didn’t intimidate anyone, it just made us laugh. Not something that should happen when you see the Nilfgaardian army. They’re supposed to be feared, ruthless, and cutthroat warriors that crush everyone beneath their boots. Whatever their excuse for this armor may be, it’s hilarious. Thankfully, Netflix’s Witcher and its season 2 are going to change the look of the Nilfgaardian armor.
Lauren Hissrich, the writer and showrunner, decided that they’re going to fix this issue in the upcoming season:

“Season two is exciting. It’s a chance to look at the mistakes we’ve made in season one and do it better, tell stories better, improve some things, look at what didn’t work, get rid of it, and start over.”

A welcome change that many fans expected. It’s always good for a showrunner to listen to the feedback of the fans. I mean no one on this Earth thinks this armor looks good, or fear-inspiring. When you look at the rest of the series and the stellar design of the main characters’ design, it’s apparent that Nilfgaardian troops and their armor needs the same amount of love and care.

Netflix Witcher Season 2 Nilfgaardian armor
Image credit: Netflix

So, Netflix Witcher Season 2 will fix the ugly Nilfgaardian armor. But, if you want to see just how terrifying Nilfgaardian warriors are, check out The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. An excellent RPG  that’s available on HRK Game for an outstanding price!

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