New Atomic Heart Gameplay Trailer Breaks A Long Silence Period

Atomic Heart, the game that looks like Bioshock on a lot of vodka and crack, released a short gameplay trailer after a long silence period.

Atom Heart gameplay
Image credit: Mundfish

Atomic Heart looks like a lot of fun. Kinda what Bioshock was when the first game released, but more chaotic and totally confusing. Still, we didn’t hear from developers Mundfish in a while. Rumors started circulating that the game is in development hell. Naturally, this is never a good thing, rumor or not, to spread around. So we all waited, hoping for anything to reignite the flames of Soviet Russia with the weirdness factor turned to 11. That’s when I randomly came across a brand new gameplay trailer.

It was strange. I didn’t see anyone else cover the new Atomic Heart gameplay trailer. Granted, it’s short and doesn’t bring any news with it. Yet, it’s a sign that this mindboggling shooter is still alive. Well, maybe it’s in a coma but it’s still breathing. We didn’t get any information about a release date or anything like that, unfortunately. This probably means Atomic Heart is still not nearly ready for release, but at least we got to see a KGB agent freeze strange monsters and make them levitate with strange powers. Hey, it’s something at least.

Have you heard of Atomic Heart up until now? If so, what are your hopes for the game? Share your thoughts and opinions with me in the comments section down below!

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