New Fallout 76 Hotfix Should Address The Bugs That Came Back

The latest Fallout 76 patch reintroduced a bunch of bugs that were already removed, but the new hotfix should fix that.

Fallout 76

We talked about the recent issues that Fallout 76 had when a new patch brought back quite a lot of bugs which have been squashed before. And also how Bethesda deleted threads and user accounts that pointed these things out. That was also something that, well, we didn’t expect from a company that once had so many fans.

Notice how we said once. This behavior is unforgivable, as it basically censors players that point out the things that you did which broke the game. Which should be hard to do at this point considering what a mess Fallout 76 has been since it launched.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 still has the potential to be something great. At least that’s how we’ve decided to look at things, but Bethesda is just making one bad move after another. They have released a hotfix yesterday which should fix the bugs which were brought back in the last patch, like Bobby Pins weighing 0.10 lb instead of 0.001 lb.

There is only room for so many screw-ups, but more and more of those keep on pilling on one another when it comes to this game. That’s what you get when you laucnh a broken product and give it a price tag of a triple-A game and then try to quickly fix it after it launches.

Fallout 76

Have you lost hope for this online shooter, or do you still think that it can be redeemed?

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