New Fallout 76 Patch Brings Back Old Bugs, Bethesda Removed Threads That Talked About These Issues

The latest Fallout 76 patch brought back quite a lot of bugs which have already been removed from the game.

Fallout 76

Will Bethesda catch a break with Fallout 76 in 2019? Looks like the answer to that question is no, since the new patch that got released for the game brought back a lot of old bugs. One of the worst offenders is the item duplication bug, which leads to players duplicating items and then selling them on sites like eBay.

Other bugs from the past have returned as well, but it also seems that Bethesda used the magical “thread delete” option when a certain user pointed these problems out. You can read more about that on this Reddit thread.

Fallout 76

So a few old bugs made a return to this already incredibly buggy game. Should anyone be surprised at this point? No, probably not, but the fact that they are deleting threads that are pointing out these issues and even banned this persons account is just sad. This way of damage control is extremely despicable and unacceptable. Instead of working with the community and listening to the feedback, they are silencing those that point out the problems in their immensely flawed product.

It’s seems that qoute: “You either die as a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” is quite true, and Bethesda has become the villain.

Fallout 76

This is honestly a disgrace, and quite a sad sight. We’ve loved Bethesda a while back, but they have become too arrogant, and they’re losing the trust and respect of their fans. Once that happens, well, it’s let’s just say that respect lost is one that’s hard to earn back.

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