New Fallout 76 Update Brings More Stash and Release Dates For Content

Bethesda has been working rather feverishly in order to fix Fallout 76. The game has been riddled with problems. Mistakes in judgment, bugs, glitches, and more have been done, and the company is trying to fix them all before gamers leave the title entirely, and for good. On Valentine’s Day, Bethesda gave another Vault update on their site. The next patch is coming next week, and it’ll bring many asked for things for gamers.

We mentioned our upcoming “Survival” mode is currently planned for release in March for fans of PvP, but we will also be introducing new PvE content for those of you who seek adventure through quests, events, and other features. We’re planning to do this through series of weekly updates we’re calling “Wild Appalachia”, which will be our first big content drop of the year and spans the next few months. In addition to new quests, events, and challenges it will also bring new content to C.A.M.P.s, Crafting, and much more.

Fallout 76

Another big fan request will be addressed in Patch 6, with the stash limit for the game once again being increased:

We know this continues to be a big one. Next week, we are raising the Stash limit from 600 to 800 pounds. Like last time, we are constantly evaluating storage space and discussing ways we can make improvements, but not at the expense of server stability. We hope this additional increase to 800 pounds will help you store even more of the awesome item’s you’ve found in the Wasteland!

Other fixes in the patch will include being able to see more information on players by hovering over their icons, certain weapon fixes, not being labeled “Wanted” for hurting another players camp (to an extent) and more.

Patch 7 will be a bigger update, so stay tuned for more details on that.

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