New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Brings Back Pirates of The Caribbean

Kingdom Hearts III may now be coming out in 2019, but E3 2018 has been chalk full of reveals and looks into the game, including showing off multiple new worlds and bringing back some all-time classics. It’s still unknown just how many worlds are going to be in the game, but we’re starting to get a better idea as to who and what are going to be back, For example, one of the new worlds shown off yesterday is a return to the realm of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ironically, Pirates of the Caribbean were a major world in Kingdom Hearts II, and was both a visually unique world given its live-action roots, and one that really pushed the game in some fun directions. Not to mention it was one of Sora’s favorite places to be. Here in Kingdom Hearts III, the graphics for the world have been overhauled, making this one of the most stunning worlds to look at.

Kingdom Hearts III

The trailer also showed off which movie in the series we’ll be involved in. The world from Kingdom Hearts II focused on “Curse of the Black Pearl”, while Kingdom Hearts III is taking inspiration from “World’s End”. It’ll be interesting to see how close the game’s story for this world matches up with the movie.

It also needs to be noted that the trailer showed off a real cool feature within the Pirates world, ship battles! Sora, Jack Sparrow, and crew will have to man the Black Pearl and fight off other pirate ships, or British ships. And naturally, Sora is going to be fighting off all kinds of Heartless in all kinds of new and fun ways.

Finally, the trailer diverged and showed off some other worlds. Including Tangled, Toy Story, Frozen, Hercules, and much more. The game will release for Xbox One and PC on January 29th.

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