New Layers of Fear 2 Trailer Explores A Strange Boat

Layers of Fear was set in an incredibly creepy house, and Layers of Fear 2 will be set on an incredibly creepy boat.

Layers of Fear 2

The first Layers of Fear game was set in a house where a lot of supernatural things occurred. Or maybe it was all just made up by an insane artist that you played as. Whatever the fact may be, the game was an excellent horror title, visually disturbing and intense. This time, we are stepping into the shoes of an insane actor, and the boat we’re on is also filled with spooky things.

The trailer itself doesn’t really give us all that much to work with, which is the same as when the game got first announced. Is the thing that drove this person mad on this boat? Or did our main character arrive on this boat already insane?

Layers of Fear 2

Whatever the case may be, there are dolls in Layers of Fear 2. Not the small creepy ones that children play with. Dolls that are the size of humans, which are in turn that much more terrifying, at least to us. Are you seeing the picture above? It’s nice that the sequel actually captures the spine-chilling atmosphere and imagery that the first title had, but we aren’t all that happy about the addition of these dolls, or maybe they’re mannequins.

Layers of Fear 2

The use of lighting and sound is superb as always, and you can feel the sense of overwhelming dread in the trailer as soon as the camera enters a room that doesn’t have much light in it. There’s also this theme of time that is constantly mentioned in the trailer, and how it shouldn’t be wasted. We have no clue as to what that’s supposed to mean or how it’s connected to acting.

Are you excited to see the world through the eyes of an insane actor?

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