New Mage Deck Type Coming To Hearthstone?

Rastakhan’s Rumble is the newest expansion for Hearthstone, and it will encourage the Mage to use its Hero Power a lot it seems.


When you see a card like this, you are very likely to put it in many Mage decks. But, you also have to consider the fact that it says “Deal 8 damage” and not “8 or more”, so it’s gimmicky. But, does gimmicky even mean something bad in Hearthstone today? The whole game is full of gimmicks and extremely unreliable things, which is what makes the game fun. And infuriating from time to time. Blizzard always finds a way to bring back certain cards that aren’t available in Standard anymore. This time, it is everyone’s favorite Firelord, Ragnaros.


The Spirit cards have been quite, well, interesting new features. Spirit of the Dragonhawk, the Spirit card for Mage, is really pushing this Mage deck that relies a lot on its Hero Power. Will it work? Well, making this kind of archetype won’t be easy, but it might just work. Who knows, all kinds of decks that should work can work if you construct them in the right way.


Let’s just hope Blizzard doesn’t just give us a few weak set pieces and expect us to make them work. That’s usually how it goes when they want a new deck archetype for a class. But, there are still more cards getting revealed, so we will wait to see more and let you know what we think!

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