New Metro Exodus Trailer Focuses On Incredible Weapon Customization

Players will be able to customize all aspects of their guns in Metro Exodus so they can adjust to any combat situation.

Metro Exodus

We expect to see a lot of weapon variety in Metro Exodus, as we now witnessed just how much each weapon gets to be customized. The more we see of this game the more we fall in love with it. Oh, you have a handgun? Well add a stock to it, add a long-range barrel, and do all kinds of things to it. The end result? You now have a rifle at your disposal. It can be a bolt-action rifle, or an SMG. Your choice.

The backpack that you’re carrying with you in this game also lets you customize your weapons on the fly. Time doesn’t stop when you’re doing this, but changing your assault rifle to have a bit more range so that you can take that one guy from afar seems awesome.

Metro Exodus

Switch up your barrel for more power, or longer range. Turn a semi-automatic assault rifle into a fully automatic one, while attaching a big magazine to it so you can blast your enemies away in a hail of hot led. Hell, we couldn’t list all the options we saw in the trailer even if we wanted to, so go watch it for yourself.

Metro Exodus also features some custom weapons, like the crossbow, which are perfect for stealth missions. Of course, you can customize these as well.

Metro Exodus

From what we’ve seen, Metro Exodus can already be considered as a contender for best game of 2019. Everything they’ve shown us makes us incredibly excited for this shooter. So, right now we just have to wait for it to launch on February 15th, 2019!

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