New PvP Mode Available in Battleborn

The developers of the Battleborn MOBA have decided to spice up the PvP modes available in the game. The all-new Supercharge PvP mode is already available!

The new game mode is a sort of combination of Meltdown and Capture, and the result is a rolling 3v3 battle where you will not have much time to think. Supercharge is focused on the collection of Appeasement Points from MINIREC. In this mode, we have to occupy and hold one point. The team that holds the point get empowered minions that will accelerate the collection of the Appeasement point.


As I have already mentioned, the Supercharge mode is only available in 3v3, but this is not a problem because needs effective team play and quick reactions. The Supercharge came with some maps designed for the game mode, namely Ziggurat, Permafrost and Horizon. The map sizes have been adjusted to match the new mode.

With your achievements in Supercharge, you can meet new Challenges, which means new titles and more Credits. The new content is available for free in Battleborn as all the other competitive multiplayer modes.

Find out more about the Supercharger on the MOBA’s official site.

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