New RAGE 2 Gameplay Video Showcases The BFG 9000 And The Grav Dart Launcher

RAGE 2 gameplay videos keep impressing us by showing even more insane ways of obliterating our enemies.


The gameplay video starts of with some vehicle combat, which seems pretty ok, nothing too amazing, But, soon after that, we get to some some gun action against some fodder NPCs and a guy that has plasma blades attacked to his hands. Pretty cool looking, but he dies in a matter of seconds anyway. Then the player gets a brand new weapon, the Grav Dart Launcher. This is quite a fun tool, as it allows you to pump enemies full of these darts, and then you fire another one which pulls everyone towards it. Probably the funnies thing to do with this weapon is to fill everyone with darts and launch them straight into the air and watch them die from fall damage.

The gunplay and the Overdrive mode (which basically turns you into a berzerker that fires faster, reloads quicker, and punches much harder) are all familiar already, but more of the same, good old action is always welcome, which is precisely what this gameplay video gives us.


Another thing that we noticed and loved is a skill that allows the player to sprint like a madman. Literally, the guy in the video is running around the place like he’s the Flash, but the ability has a cooldown. We’re glad to say that the jumps are very powerful, launching you from one place to another with great leaps, and you can perform multiple jumps in the air, and finish things off with an air-dash. Movement is looking mighty fine, if we may say so.

In the end, RAGE 2 shows us a boss battle against two big and hunking mutants. The very end of the video showcases the BFG 9000, weapon that all DOOM players are going to be familiar with.


RAGE 2 doesn’t show us any groundbreaking mechanics, but we do see fun and engaging gameplay that we’re very excited to experience ourselves!

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