New Rainbow Six Siege Operator Info Leaked On Reddit

Reddit has proven to be a goldmine for leaks once again as we stumbled on some information regarding an upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Operator.

Rainbow Six Siege

Reddit is always a friend when it comes to leaks. No matter how hard it is to find something to talk about, you visit Reddit. That’s how we stumbled upon a particular thread that had some leaked information about an upcoming Rainbow Six Siege operator. There wasn’t anything major there but some hints here and there that lighted up various discussions on this new operator and his gizmo that can electrify things. Naturally, since Rainbow Six Siege players are highly competitive people, everyone is already discussing if this new operator is going to be broken or not.

Rainbow Six Siege

The leak doesn’t mention anything particular about his gadget that is shown at the beginning of the brief teaser. Some think that this device will be used to prevent your hatches from getting breached. Some think that it will be some kind of trip mine that electrifies enemies. Others are already calling this guy the better version of Bandit. We don’t know how but Rainbow Six Siege players always find a way to come up with dozens of theories and strategies for things that haven’t even been fully revealed yet.


Maybe that’s the case with all gamers. Anyhow, we will keep you updated and share more information on this new operator if we find any.

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