New Resident Evil 8 DLC Adds Third-person Mode

The new Resident Evil 8 DLC, titled Shadows of Rose, plans to introduce a third-person mode to the game.

new Resident Evil 8 DLC
Image credit: Capcom

We’ve seen the success of Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. Both are games that make great use of the third-person perspective in a highly stressful and oppressive survival horror games. They combine extremely well. Since Resident Evil Village has a ton of player actions, a third-person mode seems natural.

Players can guard themselves, move while crouching, and examine a lot of objects. All these player actions would translate into a third-person perspective excellently. The devs made adjustments to make sure all these animations look smooth and connected.

This new Resident Evil 8 DLC also delivers the end for the Winters family and their storyline. The Winters family Saga continued from Resident Evil 7. We followed Ethan Winters in his search for Mia, his missing girlfriend. Resident Evil Village continued the story in Eastern Europe. Once again, he was searching for his family, this time his newborn daughter, Rose. Ethan needs to learn how to not lose family members.

The Shadows of Rose DLC takes us decades in the future. The events of Resident Evil Village are in the past, and Rose is a grown-up now. Check out the trailer to see what our Rose is up to, now that she’s an adult. The Shadows of Rose DLC arrives on October 28th.

new Resident Evil 8 DLC
Image credit: Capcom

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