New World Devs Say They Won’t Feature Pay2Win Items Again

New World devs went out of their way again to address some of the fan backlash and to assure everyone they won’t add pay2win items.

New World pay2win items
Image credit: Amazon Game Studios

New World has some potential in the MMORPG sphere. A unique setting, action-based combat, tons of PvP warfare, territory warfare, housing, and so on. And it’s backed by Amazon, which if anything has an absurd amount of money.

But then again, their last couple of titles fell flat on their face. Will New World be another failure? Or is it the game that’s going to prove Amazon Game Studios have what it takes to make it in the MMORPG field? Well, this is the second time they’re saying New World won’t have pay2win items. It’s not a good sign when you consider the game hasn’t even launched yet.

In addition, furious and swift fan backlash over their paid quality-of-life improvements like experience boosters, quick rest, and so on was felt. In a Eurogamer interview they addressed these concerns:

“We have definitely heard the feedback from players,”

“Our focus is we do not want this to be a pay-to-win experience. The emphasis is on cosmetics: that’s all we’ll be doing at launch.

Yet, something like increased storage is a possibility. You can increase it in-game without paying for it. But for people that don’t have the time to grind for it, there’s the option of paying for it. Things like that and cosmetics are the only thing people can buy with premium currency.

Will New World add pay2win items further down the line? Or will they stick to their promise?

New World pay2win items
Image credit: Amazon Game Studios

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