Newcastle Is The Newest Apex Legends Hero

When it comes to Apex Legends characters, Respawn knows how to organically introduce new characters to the game, and Newcastle is the latest one. Most Apex Legends players will definitely figure out who this protector is behind his Robo Cop-like outfit. Check him out in Respawn’s outstanding animated video down below:

He uses shields and can drag allies when they’re down. A cool design and solid defense options from what we see in the Saviors launch trailer. But will he score high in the Apex Legends Tier List? I have no idea because Respawn usually releases incredibly OP or really underwhelming new Legends.

So, what else can we see from the video? Well, Apex Legends is getting a huge Kaiju. Yeah, that is something completely unexpected and cool. There’s also a huge weapon vault guarded by AI Specters. Respawn is also implementing a new Ranked play system that focuses on teamwork. It may also remove de-rank protection, which players haven’t been a fan of. Read more about these changes here.

Newcastle Apex Legends
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

So Newcastle is coming to Apex Legends, the Ranked system is getting overhauled, and there’s a Kaiju. Looks like it’s going to be an exciting time for Apex Legends players. Now the question is, when will Respawn make an animated series like Riot did with Arcane?

They definitely know how to make outstanding animated trailers, so why don’t we get a full series with all the Legends working together and talking? Respawn? Are you listening?

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