Next-Gen Xbox Rumors Emerge, New Console Names?

As sad as it may sound, one of the things that gamers do after a new console launch is start to wonder what will come next from the publisher in terms of hardware. Granted, it’s not immediate, usually after a year these thoughts start to emerge, and that’s what happened with the Xbox One. For while it was a graphically superior console, it has struggled not just in the Japanese marketplace, but it’s failed to get a consistent lineup of titles, making many wonder whether the next version will be able to succeed where this one somewhat failed.

Well, Windows Central has a new set of rumors that break down everything that the next Xbox, codename “Scarlett” for now, might have. Including whether it’ll have discs, or be digital download only:

If you were concerned about whether or not this indicates a new trend for Microsoft, fear not, we’ve heard from multiple sources that the “Scarlett” family next-gen consoles will still have disc drives, at least as an option. The success of the disc-less SKU will no doubt determine whether or not Microsoft moves ahead with providing a separate, cheaper disc-less SKU for the Scarlett next-gen devices.

Xbox One X

Also, Microsoft seems to be following the blueprint that the One had during its run, have two different version of the console to appeal to many:

According to our sources, there are two consoles currently being prepped, aiming for a 2020 holiday debut — a cheaper “S”-style console, to succeed the Xbox One S, and a more beastly “X”-style console, to succeed the Xbox One X. The codename for the “S 2” seems to be “Lockhart,” and the codename for the “X 2” seems to be “Anaconda,” which may also be serving as a dev kit.

It’s a bold plan, but at present, these are just rumors, and you should take them as such.

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