Next PoE Expansion Will Improve Melee Combat

PoE is a pretty spectacular ARPG, and the next expansion is going to fix its rather dull melee combat.


The last expansion for the game, Synthesis, did some rebalancing in terms of Spellcasting. But, this was mostly tied to numbers and things like that when it came to skills. Their June 3.7.0 expansion will also rebalance some Melee skills in the same way, but that’s not all. It seems that Grinding Gear Games want to do a lot more with the melee combat in the game.

Unlike Diablo 3, many other ARPGs on the scene like Path of Exile and Grim Dawn don’t have the polish that comes with being made by wealthy gaming developer like Blizzard. Thankfully, where they lack the funds they make up with passion for their games, as GGG said that they want to experiment with the animation system a bit.


The animation system will receive some changes to make melee combat have some weight behind it. This is going to be an amazing change, and we’re quite excited to hear that GGG want to polish up certain aspects of their game. Other things that are being worked on include systems like melee splash, leech, accuracy, hit/miss feedback, melee base types, and so on.

We can expect more news once May comes. That’s when they’re going to shed some light on the upcoming PoE expansion and what’s it all about.


Are there any PoE fans here? If there are, are you excited about the fact that the game is finally getting some polish, or would you like the devs to just focus on more content?

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