Nighthawks Gets Successfully Funded

Nighthawks, the text-based vampire RPG that is all about that roleplaying and immersion, got funded on Kickstarter.


Imagine a game like Vampyr, but with actually interesting roleplaying elements. Well, Nighthawks is something like that, only it’s text-driven. So no flashy combat or anything of that sort. But, this is why the game gets to have a huge and complex world. With plenty of ways to navigate through it. This is a vampire RPG where the world is aware of these creatures. There are many interesting social aspects that can be explored in this fantasy urban setting because of that fact.


This game was in Kickstarter for a little bit. We even talked about it a while back. Well, good news if you like text-driven vampire RPGs, this one got funded. Yes, we’re also quite glad they made it, as these sort of RPGs aren’t seen often today. It’s an extra special experience when a title like this is actually good.


Games like Bloodlines and also Sunless Sea are the inspiration for this title, and both have exceptional writing. Well, in a game with a lot of text, you need to have writing that is quite extraordinary. Nighthawks managed to achieve the figure of $125,000, and they got more, with the final amount being $136,128. Wadjet Eye Games are working on this, so people are expecting something of quality.

There is currently no information available regarding the release date.


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