No Man’s Sky Synthesis Update Is Live With New Features, Balancing, And QOL Improvements

No Man’s Sky Synthesis update is now live, and it brings with it a lot of new features, balancing, and loads of QOL improvements!

Starship Outfitting Terminal from the Synthesis update
Image credit: Hello Games

Another free update

No Man’s Sky is the best case of a larva evolving to become a stunning butterfly. A game with a horrendous launch slowly improving over time with free updates. Well, now the eight free update is here, only seven days after they announced it. Highly requested features much asked for improvements, and a lot of community-led quality of life improvements are here, with some balancing as well!

More inventory slots for your spacecraft

No Man’s Sky players can now visit a Space Station and head over to a Starship Outfitting Terminal to add more inventory slots to their favorite starship. Nanites can also be used here to upgrade the class of that starship. The Starship Outfitting Terminal can also transform the undesired ships into scrap.

A new Terrain Editing System from Synthesis update
Image credit: Hello Games

The Terrain Manipulator has been improved

For those of you that like to mess around with the Terrain Manipulator, the Synthesis update has you covered. Improvements and optimization have been made to the Terrain Manipulator, and it now features impressive new visual effects and also brand new Flatten and Restore Modes. Any Terrain edit a player makes within a base will stay that way. You can make more edits before you reach the cap thanks to the improved protected edit system.

First-Person Exocraft from the Synthesis update
Image credit: Hello Games

Same features for both VR and non-VR versions

Everyone no matter what version of the game they’re playing has access to the incredibly immersive First-Person Exocraft. Also, all versions of the game, both VR and non-VR can use the Photo mode and Creature Riding. Additionally, he starship Space Map got a huge makeover. Now it has clear and crisp visuals and the quality has been drastically improved.

Reworked Space Map from Synthesis update
Image credit: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky and its Synthesis update brought a lot of changes and quality-of-life improvements and new features to the game, all for free. This space adventure/exploration/sandbox game just keeps impressing. If you want to try it, you can buy a No Man’s Sky PC game key on HRK Game right now for a great price!

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