Old World Finally Comes To Steam

Old World arrives to Steam and it brings a refreshing take on the 4X genre with its intuitive and creative design decisions.

Old World Steam
Image credit: Mohawk Games

Old World was released first as an Epic Games exclusive. Still, it managed to attract the attention of many strategy game fans. It’s a standard 4X grand strategy but filled with enough tactical decisions that it never gets to the point of “wait for the next turn” of the game that so many 4X strategy games suffer from.

Old World doesn’t do much different from Civilization. But only the fact that all turns matter makes it such a better game. Also, you can buy Old World on Steam and you get the Heroes of the Aegean DLC for free. It adds a ton of excellent leaders and warriors from the Ancient Greece period for you to use and conquer your enemies. Heroes of the Aegean DLC gives you six different freeform scenarios to enjoy.

So if you’re looking to lead your very own empire through the ages and end up as the dominant force in the world, Old World is the perfect game to pick up. It’s the most streamlined and enjoyable 4X game currently available. Perfect for long summer days in my opinion.

Old World Steam
Image credit: Mohawk Games

You can get Old World on HRK Game for a cheap price at all times.

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