Older Version Of Borderlands 3 Launches On Stadia

A version of Borderlands 3 from October made its way to Stadia, one that is missing a whole lot of patches and bugfixes.

Borderlands 3 playable character releasing one of his flying pets
Image credit: Gearbox

Stadia absolutely sucks. That’s something that everyone knew even before it launched. Is Google trying to fix the situation as much as possible? Yes, and they’re even adding new games to Stadia’s library. But, it appears that the newly added game is Borderlands 3. Now some may think that this is a great move. It is, Gearbox’s third entry in their over-the-top looter shooter series is quite solid. But for some inexplicable reason, the Borderlands 3 version that was added to Stadia is one from October, according to PC Gamer.

What does that mean exactly? Well, Borderlands 3 launched with a whole lot of bugs. This is unfortunately standard for the video game industry today. Naturally, these bugs got patched out over time, as expected. But since this version of the game dates back to October, one and a half months of patching does not exist in this version. Are the fixes and patches that important? Yes, yes they are. Borderlands 3 had a surprising amount of issues that needed fixing. Let’s just hope the Stadia version receives these updates and patches quickly.

A space raptor
Image credit: Gearbox

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