Outriders Demo Reached 2 Million Downloads

While the opinions on the Outriders demo are mixed it still managed to get 2 million downloads in just eight days.

Outriders demo downloads
Image source: People Can Fly

Outriders’ demo was a bigger hit than the devs expected

You can say a lot of stuff about Outriders. Some hate the environment and its bland design, others say the story is cringe. The gunplay is serviceable. But, this is a fun looter-shooter. It lets you feel like an insane super-powered killing machine right from the start.

I guess a lot of people saw the trailer and had a similar opinion. After all, the Outriders demo has 2 million downloads. In just eight days, that’s a fairly impressive number. So many people tried logging in when the demo came out that it crushed the severs.

That was quickly fixed, and now the devs have a new assignment – fixing the issues with the current demo.

The demo patch and what it brings

People Can Fly, the devs behind this shooter, are incredibly transparent when it comes to their game. A rare sight these days. A demo patch is coming, early next week if all goes well, and it’s bringing:

  • A Motion Blur Toggle
  • Frame rate output tweaks for some items in cutscenes
  • A fix for the menu/inventory opening crash
  • Matchmaking time reduction
  • Fix for a bug that deletes gear when the connection drops out
  • “Bad Day” quest subtitle and synchronization improvements
  • More minor improvements and fixes

They also plan to change certain things. Most notably, since some players are farming Legendary items like crazy, Epic items won’t respawn in shops and vendors in the demo, chest won’t drop Legendary items, and side-quest rewards can now give Legendary items.

Camera shaking during cutscenes and dialogue will be fixed in the future. The main game will also bring some improvements to the cover system. While these things won’t be patched in the demo, the full game will bring changes.

Outriders demo downloads
Image source: People Can Fly

You can download the demo from Steam, but if you want the full game you can pre-order a PC game key on HRK Game for a great price.

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