Outriders Hasn’t Made Any Profit

Even though Outriders had a very explosive launch, it seems like the game failed to turn a profit in the end.

Outriders profit
Image credit: People Can Fly

Outriders was supposed to challenge looter-shooter gods like Destiny 2 and Borderlands 3. Their supremacy remains unchallenged as Outriders didn’t end up being a profitable endeavor for People Can Fly. This is strange considering everyone was playing the game when it came out.

Square Enix even called the game their next major franchise. The game got over 3.5 million players after it just launched, so the future seemed promising. Then we didn’t get much news about the game and its developer. That’s never a good thing, and now we finally see why. There were minor issues here and there, but nothing could prepare us for this news.

We have a financial report that shows low numbers. Even after all the sales, it seems like Outriders didn’t turn a profit and wasn’t all that profitable for the developers. Perhaps the game being available on Xbox Game Pass right from the start didn’t help at all. Outriders is getting at least one more DLC, and that will probably be the end for this new IP. Shame, considering the looter-shooter genre has been stagnant for quite a while with no new games to put their foot in the door.

Outriders profit
Image credit: People Can Fly
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    The quality of this game is amazing. Exciting and theatrical to the max. Please accept my gratitude for informing me about this game.

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